Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drosophila Diseases

I spent a couple of hours today counting flies, so here's a cool article about them:

A bacteria known for its sex-regulation abilities has been found to confer protection against viruses in Drosophila. In some species, the bacteria ensures that infected and non-infected and non-infected flies cannot make viable young.

Cool bacteria like that in humans? (Bacteria are pretty important in several of body systems).
A good excuse for having all your flies die in BioLab. Bonus points if anybody can type that fly.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Articles of the Week

Most of these are from NewScientist, because it is my favorite.

What's the best cruising speed for life?
Reference Note: Humans have a metabolic rate of ~4 W/kg

So exhausted from studying Orgo/Bio that you might've lost the ability to communicate with humans? Practice on this robot!

Desiring to be pessimistic about research?

Like to drink?

Think you are too vicious to be a bonobo? Think again.

And... new crabs!